(Full listing of unofficial recordings appears in the Just The Facts section)

Folk City, NYC, 1982
The Mudd Club, Gothenburg, 16 March 1985
Kolingsborg, Stockholm, Sweden,
20th March 1985
Gothenburg, Sweden, 25 August 1985
Broadway, Linköping, Sweden, 14 October 1985.
Pub Sparta, Lund, Sweden, 9 November 1985
Maxwell's, Hoboken, New Jersey, 1986
The Palace, Norrköping, Sweden, February 1988
Hard Rock Café, Stockholm, Sweden,
11th February 1988
Webcast from TT's The Bear in Boston, Mass., 18th June 2001

(Please note: none of these recordings was authorised or approved by Richard Lloyd,
I didn't buy any of them and they aren't for sale here.)