An attempt to gather together all the Verlaine and Lloyd lyrics that I can. Some were printed on album inserts; the rest came through a combination of memory, close-listening, helpful e-mailers and pure guesswork.

If you click on a link for a song and nothing happens, then either I haven't got around to transcribing the lyric yet or my guess seemed to make even less sense than, say, "Yonki Time".

If there's a little gap in a song, then it's probably because the missing word could have been, say, either "rocket" or "sausage" and I couldn't decide which made more sense. If either. Depends what kind of sense you're looking for, I guess.

If you have any bits that I couldn't get, please email me!

Otherwise, I recommend that you make up your own bits to fill the missing spaces; the best lyrics mean different things to different listeners anyway, don't you think?

"I start to spin the tale you complain of my diction..."