May 2022

Television dates in the UK in 2022!
Television fans who are also keen to keep up the latest from Billy Idol (are there many?) will have noticed on his website that Television will be opening for him on the 'arena' dates on the UK part of his 2022 European tour.

Mr Idol writes, "I am thrilled that now opening all UK shows will be Television, one of my favourite bands from the original New York punk scene and an inspiration to me throughout my career. I will be honoured to share the stage with them and hope everyone will come early to enjoy their set."

April 2022

December 2021

This live radio recording from 1987 is popping up all over the interweb tubes at the moment.
An excellent quality recording of Tom Verlaine and band at The Big Club, Turin, Italy in April 1987.

(Live 1987) Souvenir From A Dream
Bomb (Live 1987) Tom Verlaine Dissolve Reveal
Cry Mercy Judge
Scientist Writes A Letter
Penetration/Swim/Clear It Away
Kingdom Come
Marquee Moon/Glory

August 2021